Monday, August 12, 2013



Elliston and Maberly are two towns just a short drive off the main highway not too far from Bonavista.  There you will find that Elliston lives up to its slogan - the Root Cellar Capital of the World.  There are numerous root cellars along the road through the town and, if you like to photograph them, you will find many more as you walk around the community.  I have created a Root Cellar Gallery and you can view 19 photos at:

In 1993 I visited Maberly and stopped to photograph and old boat by a shed.  At that time, the boat was in poor shape.  I photographed the same boat when I was there a couple of weeks ago and there was quite a difference - all is left of the boat are a few boards.  I included the old photo in today's Ad so you can see what the scene looked like 20 years ago.

I've also uploaded more photos of root cellars, houses as well as a different view of the shed and boat in Maberly.

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