Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bell Island 7

Bell Island 7

This is the last in my Bell Island series for now.  For the past  nine days I have shared over 100 images showing the cliffs, murals, houses, people and scenes around the island spanning a 30 year period.  I hope you have enjoyed this series and that they encourage you to visit this interesting place.

In 1993, I walked through a tunnel through one of the cliffs on the island and the first four photos show images taken from inside that tunnel.  I am not sure how safe it is after 30 more years in a damp spot so I advise you to be very careful if you happen to go there.  Iron ore was dumped over the cliff near the concrete structure in the last photo. It was then loaded onto ships docked below.  You can see remnants of the old dock in the fifth photo above.
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