Thursday, December 27, 2012

Venice 4

 Venice 4

Today I am returning to my Venice + Newfoundland and Labrador Link of the Day format. I had planned to share more images of Christmas, but decided against it. Seems like Christmas is over. Funny, for two months we are bombarded with Christmas ads and movies, then after Christmas Day (sometimes before) it's on to Boxing Day sales. Christmas has become so commercialized!

When I saw the display of breads and vegetables outside a shop in Venice, I had to make a photo of it. Everything was so delicious looking and colourful!

I added a few special effects to the second photo to make it more "dreamy" looking. I've uploaded the original to my Blog if you are interested in comparing.

Even though it was getting dark, I took a quick photo of people eating in a restaurant near the Rialto Bridge. The restaurants all over the city were busy that time of the evening.

If I share photos in my Newfoundland and Labrador Link of the Day, please forgive me. In addition to my email lists, I have been sharing photos on my Blog and on my Facebook page on a daily basis. On Facebook, I shared a lot more Christmas photos and have been sharing Winter images for a couple of weeks. IN addition, I am getting ready to launch a new Facebook page in the New Year. It's hard to keep it all straight.

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William F Matthews said...

Newfoundland pic: Grass growing on a slip with a lone new boat is very telling about the state of the fishery. PIctures of Venice canal and local sights give one a very good feel of the place.

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

Thanks for your comments ... much appreciated.

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