Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sorrento, Italy 1

 Sorrento, Italy 1

The last port of call on our 7 night cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas was Naples. Before arriving, we had booked a walking tour of some of the historical sites in the city. Unfortunately, this tour was cancelled because of a lack of participation so we booked a leisurely tour of Sorrento which is about an hour's drive from the port. We chose that particular tour because once we arrived in Sorrento we were on our own for three hours and we like that better than an organized tour where we would have to follow a guide through the city.

Once in the city we walked off the main street and found the narrow streets of the Old Town where we wandered around looking at the sites and shops along one of the streets. The three hours passed too quickly because we only had time to walk down one street before heading back to our meeting point.

I took two cameras with me on this shore excursion: my Canon Digital SLR and my Nikon P500 and this was a good choice. I used a 17-40mm lens on the Canon and the Nikon has a good range on the 36x zoom. Today's photos were all taken with the Nikon.

Our meeting point in Sorrento was at a restaurant and wood furniture factory. The first five photos were taken in the showroom of the factory and shows a sampling of the beautiful wooden objects. I photographed the inside of an empty restaurant that was beautifully decorated. I also made a few images of the inside of an interesting church. The predominately pink church was fairly small, but had some interesting art and fancy mouldings. I've uploaded more of each subject to my Blog this morning.


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