Saturday, December 01, 2012

Civitavecchia, Italy 3

Civitavecchia, Italy 3

From the Cathedral of Civitavecchia we wander towards the outdoor market. Today's photos will give you an idea of the types of things that can be purchased in a typical Italian market. There were fresh fruits, vegetables, breads and meats as well as clothes, jewellery, watches, and novelty items. I have to admit it was an interesting market with good photo ops. I didn't get photos of the meats and breads because they were in a different section and it was too crowded to take photos.

Some of you might wonder why I bothered to photograph so many of the items. Since I sell stock photographs, the more of this type I have on my Blog and web site the better. When publishing companies are looking for this type of image, they usually search online and if they see these images and one of them suits their purposes, they can easily contact me.  


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