Thursday, December 13, 2012

Venice Art 1

 Venice Art 1

On the first full day in Venice, my wife and I arose early and found a nearby restaurant for breakfast. Afterwards, we wandered around the narrow streets the whole day and I took around 600 photos. Even after editing I still have a lot to share. I think I'll use a different approach for these photos. Instead of sharing them in the order they were taken, I will share them by category. This morning I am sharing images of Art around the city.

Most of this morning's photos were taken on the outside of two churches that were fairly near each other. I can't really tell you where they were located because once we started wandering the narrow streets, I had no idea where we were. Since we never followed the same roads twice, I didn't get used to them. If I happened to come across the same area twice, it was by accident.

I included the photo of a sculpture with a head missing to show that some of the religious art around Venice has certainly deteriorated a lot over time. I noticed thin spikes on the heads and shoulders of several of them and assume they were put there to keep pigeons and other birds off.

My Newfoundland and Labrador Link of the Day is From the Past, a collection of images from scanned slides. They are from the 70's, 80s and 90s.


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