Thursday, December 20, 2012

Venice People 2

 Venice People 2

These days nearly everyone carries a digital camera with them whether they be DSLRs, point and shoot cameras, iPads, iPhones, or other phones with cameras. I see people taking photos everywhere I go and, often, I try to capture them taking pictures. Often I come upon a scene and just miss the actual "pose" but capture them just as the photos have been taken. No one has ever asked me why I am taking their pictures as they pose for another photographer.

The first photo was taken looking through an archway towards the Grand Canal in Venice. The photographer was taking a photo but just as I focused, he stopped and bent over. I waited for him to stand but the scene changed before he stood up again and I moved on.

As I walked across a bridge, I saw a young woman posing with a Venetian mask on her face. Just as I took the photo she removed the mask and the photographer looked at the photo she had just taken. When I looked at the image, I still liked it even though I missed the shot I was trying to get.

When I saw the priest talking to the two young men I was far away and used my Nikon P500 because it had a zoom lens.  I was worried I might miss the scene, but they were deep in conversation and didn't move until after I made this image.  I shared the original and a cropped version this morning.

I saw another young woman posing for a photo outside a shop. If you look at the vase on the red chair you may recognize it from one of my Venice Art posts.

When I saw another gondolier checking his phone I decided to make a couple of photos. Other photos show people in caf├ęs and walking the narrow streets.

Merry Christmas
This Christmas scene was taken in Holyrood.

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