Monday, December 17, 2012

Venice Masks 1

Venice Masks 1

Venice is also know for its artistic masks - they are everywhere! Last time I made a few photos of masks and was sorry I didn't take more. This trip I took many more. I am not sure why, but many shops where they were making the masks had NO PHOTOS signs so I didn't get photos of all I saw. Once, I started to compose a photo and didn't notice the sign and the artist inside the store ran out shaking his fist. I apologized, but he wasn't very happy with me.

I saw hundreds, if not thousands, of masks as I walked through the streets of Venice and no two were alike. I studied my photos afterwards and still didn't see identical masks.

Like the fake glass, many masks are imported from China and are not hand-made by Venetian artisans. Unsuspecting tourists sometimes pay top dollar for imitations. One shop owner told us to read the labels and make sure it said "Made in Italy". Out of curiosity when I came across another shop, I had a look at a label and it said "Made in P.R.C." When I asked a salesperson which country it was, he said "Peoples Republic of China". My suggestion - read labels when shopping in Venice.

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