Saturday, December 13, 2008


There is a building in Carbonear, Newfoundland that I have photographed several times because of the interesting symbols just above the door. There is no sign to indicate what the building is for, but I have seen similar symbols on other buildings in other towns. I think it may be the Loyal Orange Loyalists (LOL). I have searched briefly on line to find the meaning of the symbols, especially the 2 1/2, but have not found anything. If anyone knows the meaning of the symbols, please let me know.

There is another reason for sharing these photos today. Over the past couple of weeks I have shown examples of making more than one photo of the same subject. The wide view shows much of the building, the medium shot shows the door and symbols and the third shows the symbols only.

Yesterday's photos of the puffins were cropped using a computer, but today's photos are examples of cropping with the camera. In each shot I used my zoom lens to eliminate more and more of the subject. You will probably agree that even though the photos are of the same subject, each one is different.

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