Thursday, December 11, 2008

Miniature Village

There is a miniature village built on a person's property in St. Mary's on the Avalon Peninsula. This is not a tourist attraction but a labour of love by the gentleman who lives there. He is building a replica of the town of Oderin Harbour where he lived before it was resettled in the 1960s. I have photographed it several times and every time there seems to be new additions to the little town.

Apparently the miniature houses are based on the "real" houses that were in the town years ago. Many people stop there during summer months to view the "art".


Unknown said...

You are truly an educator, there is always something to learn on this site.
Thanks for sharing.
Don P

bearkat said...

That was really neat to see! I think the person who is doing this must have fun with it! :) This brought back memories of a trip to Madurodam, Holland where there is an area just outside of Den Haag based on a 1/25 scale of various parts of Holland.


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