Monday, December 15, 2008

Marble Sculptures

This time of the year I try to get to the Basilica Museum in St. John's to view the annual "Away in a Manger" Nativity Exhibition. It closes on Wednesday, December 17, so I am not certain I will get there this year. This morning I chose to share three images of marble sculptures that I took on previous visits.

To create the first image of Joseph with Mary and Baby, I bounced a flash off the ceiling which caused the strongest light to appear to come from above the subject. Because little light reached the background it is nearly black.

In the second image, I did not use a flash and relied on the lighting in a display case that had a red background. The reddish light on the upper portion of the figurine is caused by the light in the case and red reflections from the background.

The third image shows a sculpture of a baby in a crib. This particular figure is much larger than the others and was on the floor. When I tried bouncing the flash, the resulting image was too dark. As a result I fired the flash directly at the subject. The lighting is a little flat and does not show the details as well as in the first two images.

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