Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brown Pelican

Unfortunately, I still don't know the meaning of all the symbols in yesterday's photos. I searched on line, but still couldn't find the answers. These symbols, especially the 2 1/2, are a mystery to me.

Every time I go to Florida, I photograph every species of bird that I see. By now you all understand that no two photos are identical, especially those of birds in flight. Once, someone asked me why I continue to make photographs of birds and animals when I already have lots. The simple answer is that I have fun taking pictures and receive an immense feeling of joy and excitement every time no matter what the subject. The process of photography is what I enjoy: seeing a subject, making the photo that shows my feelings about the subject, then sharing the images with others.

A seven year old child once asked me if I would ever finish my collection. When I asked him what collection he was referring to, he said, "Your picture collection." I thought about it for a moment and told him that I guessed it would never be finished since I was always seeing new things.

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