Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last evening while driving home I observed the sun setting and when it sank just below the horizon I stopped my car and made a few images of the beautiful colours in the sky at 4:08 PM. I used my 70-300mm lens and tried a couple of different compositions of the sky. I liked the gold outline around the clouds near the horizon and the interesting colours in the clouds higher up.

If you like sunset and sunrise photos do a search for sunrises on my Blog
. You will find a couple of short videos here as well.

Here in the northern hemisphere, we are approaching the shortest day (day with fewest number of daylight hours) of the year. I really like it because I know that the "days" will be getting longer every day. I see many beautiful sunsets as I drive home this time of the year.

For those of you who may be interested, temperatures here on the Avalon Peninsula are well above average. Temperatures are predicted to be 14°C (58°F) on Friday. The winds have been very high and bringing warm air from the south. We have no snow yet, unlike last year when we had snow on the ground from late November to late April.

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bearkat said...

Hi Bruce,
Your weather nearly sounds better than ours, with the exception of today and tomorrow!
We had as much snow on Sunday as we normally get the entire month of December! Temps were around the freezing mark, but what is on the way.....BRRRR.....-17 to -27 with a windchill on top of that. Daytime norms for this time of the year.....right around the freezing mark! That is Calgary for you :)

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