Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A few people commented on the lighting in yesterday's photos of Holyrood so today I am sharing three more photos taken the same morning.

The first photo is a close up of the mountain that was shown in yesterday's photos. The interesting lighting with dark clouds and a hint of blue sky gives an idea of the type of morning it was.

I zoomed back to make a wider view and moved the camera to the left to make the second photo. When I talk about hiking to the hills behind my house, I am referring to those mountains in the background.

Next, a 180° turn changed the view completely - the image of a fish plant and wharf was much different than the hills. The sunlight seemed to be reflecting off the buildings more than anywhere else.

So far I have shared 5 photographs of Holyrood taken in the same place, but each is different. You should now understand why I can take so many photos on a photo trip. :)

1 comment:

bearkat said...

Bruce.....very picturesque!!
Sure enjoying seeing the east coast and where you live through your eyes! :)

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