Sunday, January 01, 2012

Grand Falls-Windsor

Grand Falls-Windsor

Happy New Year.

Today is the beginning of the 10th year of my Photo of the Day and my list has grown from a few family and friends to over 750 people from all over the world. It probably would be over 1000 by now but I accidentally erased nearly 300 names once and never got them back. If you know someone who would like to receive my daily photos, feel free to send me their names.

My Photo of the Day has changed over the years. At first I shared only one photo each day, but after a while I started adding the second, then the third photo. I started my Blog in 2006 and have uploaded more than 8000 photos since then. I have settled into sending three photos by email and uploading at least five to my Blog. I get an average of 30 people per day visiting my Blog and I suspect most of them are from my email list and are interested in seeing the extra images. If you visit my Blog regularly, feel free to share the address with your friends and family. The advantage of the Blog is that visitors can actually search for specific photographic subjects.

Today I am starting a Community of Newfoundland and Labrador Series and am welcoming requests. I had a request for images of Grand Falls-Windsor and am sharing photos of my home town today. Grand Falls was a good place to grow up in. It was a fairly large town when I was a kid (around 6 000 people), we had electricity, water and sewer and paved roads all of which weren't common around this province in the 1950s. I can never remember being bored and having "nothing to do". We spent lots of time playing baseball and hockey on the roads, playing in the woods, swimming in the town's outdoor pool, exploring our surroundings and everything else that kids did in those days. We didn't get TV until I was ten years old so we played outside most of the time.

Today's photos were taken during a walk around the downtown area in 2006 and shows a few of the streets. The first two were taken in front of the house I grew up in on Crescent Heights. I remember when they planted the beautiful maples on our street but never realized how beautiful they would be later on. The third is a photo of the Royal Canadian Legion sitting atop a hill overlooking the downtown. We used to have fun sliding on this hill though it seemed bigger when I was much younger. The next few show High Street which certainly has changed a lot over the years. Next is Church Road which is essentially the same except three of the churches have been torn down and rebuilt on the same location. The last photo shows Monchy Road with houses built in the 40s or early 50s.

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