Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Salmon Cove

Salmon Cove

Salmon Cove, located in Conception Bay, is well-known for it's beautiful sandy beach and steep cliffs. Today I chose a few images of the area which will give you an idea of the beach in relation to the nearby houses. I have been asked why our beaches are so rocky, but there are many sandy beaches around the island. Like anywhere in the world, the more that rocks are eroded, the more smaller particles (sand) there will be. Salmon Cove is exposed to the constant wave action of the North Atlantic which has created the steep cliffs, crags and 1/2 km sandy beach.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Salmon Cove Sands if you plan to be in the area. However, don't plan on swimming leisurely in the ocean because the water is cold even in the middle of the summer. When I was much younger I swam in the ocean, but in recent years it is like jumping into ice water so I avoid it. :)

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