Friday, January 13, 2012



Today's photos illustrate how dark and overcast it was as I tried to photograph the communities along the Kittiwake Coast. It started to get a little brighter along the way but in Lumsden it was so dark I only took a few photos near a beach area. The first photo shows a small "cabin" - at least I think it is a cabin because it was located among several others near the sandy beach in the third photo. It is very small but has a deck built around it. The rocky area just offshore as well as the long sandy beach were interesting and I made a couple of photos before driving to the next community. Normally I wouldn't have shared these images because they are dark, but since I had a request and I had only visited this area once in my life, these were the only photos I have.

A while back someone asked if we ever saw the sun here in Newfoundland. Of course we do, but we see lots of rain, drizzle and fog as well. As I told a couple of tourists from British Columbia as they were heading to Newfoundland, "You don't come here for the weather!" When travelling, I realize that the weather is beyond my control and I have to live with it. One of these days, I'll do the same trip on a nice day. :)

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