Friday, January 06, 2012

Trinity East

Trinity East

Yesterday I had a request from a person whose grandmother came from Trinity East and today's photos show a little of that scenic community.

The first three photos were taken from the Town of Trinity looking across Trinity Bight. There were a few stages in the town when I last visited in August, 2006 and since a couple of them weren't in the greatest shape, I made photos of several of them.

This area of the province is doing fairly well because of the tourists that visit the Trinity area each summer. The Town of Trinity has become a tourist destination because of the Trinity Pageant which was started nearly 20 years ago. Visitors who attend the pageant are taken through the narrow streets of the community where actors and actresses retell a little of its history. Of course, after the pageant tourists tend to explore the community and surrounding area including the town of Trinity East.

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