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The Town of Bellevue is located in Trinity Bay on the isthmus of the Avalon Peninsula. It was founded as Tickle Harbour in 1864 but the name was changed to Bellevue in 1896. This small community has a population of around 200.

Today's photos were taken in late June, 2003 with my (then) brand new Canon 10D, the first Digital SLR that I purchased. It is amazing how prices have dropped in the last 10 years. In 2003 I paid $2500 for the camera body, which was compatible with all my Canon lenses and filters. I saw a Canon 60D on sale recently for around $1000 and that camera is a lot more hi-tech than the 10D. In 2003, a 1 GB CF card cost $400 (I bought 2 at the time) and that was quite expensive. I purchased a 32 GB memory card last week for $29.99 + tax - quite a difference!!

I haven't been back to Bellevue since 2003 so I will have to add it to my places to visit next summer and get some recent photos. There were a few old stages falling into the ocean in 2003 and I suspect they are gone now. There were still a few people fishing out of that community in 2003 and their stages were in good condition. It will be interesting to photograph them almost a decade later. As well, Bellevue was a great place to photograph ospreys diving for fish. In fact, the town is located on the Osprey Trail, obviously named for the beautiful birds that inhabit the area.

I've had requests for photos of several towns including Buchans and Argentia but I do not have slides of those communities scanned yet. As I scan photos of those, and other, communities I will share them with you.

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