Saturday, December 31, 2011



Happy New Year!

Wow. The photos of strawberries certainly caught your attention yesterday. Like the people who commented, I would love to have a few fresh strawberries right now. Oh well, it'll be at least 7 months before mine will be ripe. :)

I thought that you might like a little colour on this last day of 2011 so I found a few flower photos taken in mid-July. Up until the snow we had on Christmas Eve, a few pansies were still blooming.

I can't remember the name of the red flower. I first planted it in a poor location and it did not do well. Last fall I moved it to a new flower garden and this summer it grew fairly well producing small red flowers that grew at the end of very long thin stems. Because it is in a fairly windy location, the stems and flowers were beaten by the wind. I am planning to move it to a more sheltered location in the spring.

I think the bluish flowers are a variety of salvia. This was the second summer for this plant, which I transplanted last fall. It seemed to do well in the new location and flowered all summer. Next are two photos of thyme flowers followed by an hydrangea just starting to flower on July 20.

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William F Matthews said...

The red/orange one could be a Welsh poppy... Meconopsis cambrica aurantiaca... [Papaveraceae]. Most of the familiar poppies are found among the Papaver name.

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