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The Town of Springdale is located in Green Bay in Central Newfoundland. The first photo was taken in 1971 and the second in July, 2003. You can certainly see how much the little point of land changed over the 32 years between the two photos: many more buildings, taller trees, more stages, but fewer boats.

In 1971, I was shooting with my first 35 mm camera, a Miranda Sensorex. I was new to photography, used a semi-manual camera (the camera would suggest a shutter speed and I would have to turn a ring on the lens to match a needle with the suggestion). I was just learning about photography and experimenting with the camera. At that time I had only the "normal" lens (50mm) that came with the camera.

1971 was also my first year teaching and my wife and I accepted positions in King's Point, about 10-15 minute drive from Springdale. Interestingly, several of my students from King's Point/Rattling Brook are on my Photo of the Day list and we still communicate after all those years. A couple of those students have already retired. I AM getting old!! ;)

Photos of Springdale and surrounding communities were requested by a person on my list that once lived in Springdale. As stated yesterday, I have 32 years of slides to scan and will share older photos of communities as they are scanned.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to start the new year by reiterating to you how much my husband & I enjoy your photographs. We lived in NL in the '50s - my Dad & my future husband were stationed at Pepperrell AFB. I graduated from St. Michael's School & then MUN. We love visiting NL when we can & seeing your photos when we can't be there in person! Thank you!
Pat Rogers

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