Monday, December 05, 2011

St. Saviour Church

St. Saviour Church

St. Saviour Church in Dubrovnik was built in gratitude that the town wasn't destroyed in a bad earthquake in the early 1500s. It was started in 1520 and finished in 1528. In 1667 the city was hit by another strong earthquake and much of the city was damaged but the church withstood the disaster and it can be seen today in it's original state. It is an example of the area's Renaissance architecture. It was one of the smaller churches I visited during my trip to the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, we were in a hurry to meet our tour guide and spent only a couple of minutes there. and I only have eight photos to share. The three photos I am sharing on my email lists show a zoom sequence from a wide angle view of the church to a close up of a statue behind the alter.

I hope you have enjoyed the Churches of the Mediterranean Series that I have been sharing over the past three weeks. As I stated at the beginning of the series, I wanted to share some of the fine examples of church buildings and Christian art dating back to the 500s. My visit certainly made me appreciate the skill of the artists, sculptors, painters, as well as the architects, stone masons and construction workers.

Some of the churches were overcrowded and didn't feel at all "spiritual" and were more like museums rather than places of worship. Others were much quieter and "religious". Of course, I treated them all like photo-ops and spent my time in each one making photographs rather than reflecting on the spiritual dimension. However, the purpose of my visit was to experience the buildings and art and to make images that I could share. Sometimes I wish I could have had more time in each of the churches, however, I am very thankful to have been there at all!

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