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Barcelona Cathedral 3

Barcelona Cathedral 3

This is the last in my series on the Barcelona Cathedral. As I stated previously, I have been sharing three images with those of you on my Photo of the Day email list but uploading 15 per day on my Blog. Someone asked why I do it this way so I would like to explain it to those of you who may be wondering the same thing. Many of the 750+ people on my email lists are still on dial-up and it takes a while to download my Photo of the Day emails. If I sent all 15 to the email lists it wouldn't be fair to those people. By adding a link to my Blog on the bottom of each email, it makes it easy for those who are interested to check the additional photos, especially if you are on high-speed Internet. I've been uploading photos to my Blog since the summer of 2006 and they are all still available for viewing. As well individuals can search the Blog for specific topics, which makes it fairly easy to find images you may be looking for.

I really liked the statue of the soldier praying and assumed that it was related to the Crusades, wars between Christians and Muslims, which took place between 1095 and 1231.

I wondered what the significance of the "box" on the wall of the church and found out that it and another close by were the sepulchres of the Counts of Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer I and his wife Almodis, who were the founders of the second Romanesque Cathedral in 1058.

The third photo shows the body of Bishop Arneau de Gurb who died in 1284. It is on display in the Chapel of Saint Lucy, which he had built, in the Barcelona Cathedral When I downloaded this particular photo I was surprised to see a reflection of a young woman who appears to be kneeling because my wife and I were the only ones in the chapel at the time. The only thing we could figure is that she came in while we were back on to her and left again before I finished making the images of the body that has been there for over 700 years. This reminded me of the "bodies" we had seen in Pompeii because the teeth were still visible.

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