Tuesday, December 06, 2011

First Snowfall

First Snowfall

On November 24 we had the first snowfall of the season - a whopping 30 cm (1 ft.). Of course, like most storms around here in the past few years, when the snow stopped, the rain started. A few day's later the temperatures reaches a record-breaking 16°C (62°F) and there was no snow left. In fact, I've been working in my garden every day since. However, this is a sign of things to come so I have my snowshoes ready for when we get a bit of snow that stays.

Since I hadn't tried photographing snow scenes with the Nikon Coolpix P500 purchased specifically for making photos in Barcelona and Rome, I used it to make today's images. It was raining so I only took a few from my deck, but you should get an idea of how it performed in this type of lighting. I am sure I'll get more chances to try it again before Spring. :)

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