Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Walk

Winter Walk

On Christmas Eve we had around 15 cm (6 in) of snow - just in time for a white Christmas. Though we've had a few snowfalls earlier, it rained after each which took it all away. In fact, the previous day (December 23) I worked in my gardens raking and moving rocks and there was no frost in the ground at all.

After a family brunch on Christmas Eve I decided to take a hike to Main Beach Pond with my Nikon Coolpix P500. I've mentioned this camera several times since purchasing it in June and at least three people on my Photo of the Day list have told me they purchased Nikon Coolpix P500 cameras based on the photos I've shared. In the past I've hiked with a backpack containing my Canon Rebel XTi, a wide angle lens (usually 17-40 or 28-80 - sometimes both) a telephoto (70-300 mm) as well as extra batteries and memory cards. After adding a bottle or two of water, knife, cell phone and emergency supplies the backpack was getting pretty heavy.

I am hoping the Nikon Coolpix will replace the other camera gear while hiking because it is much lighter. I wanted to test the camera in winter to make sure it will perform satisfactorily under different lighting conditions. Over the next few days I plan to share a few photos taken on the hike and discuss the results of my "test".

The first two photos were taken from the same position near the lake. The last two show views of one of the trails I walk. The images show scenes with both bright and shaded areas and I was trying to determine how the camera would record the scenes. Because the viewfinder isn't the best, it was hard to tell when setting up the image. I normally don't view the photos until after they have been downloaded and had to wait until returning home to see the results. Feel free to comment or ask questions about the results.

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