Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last week's theme in the Photography Contest - New and Improved on facebook was 200. When I saw the theme, I went through my photos and was surprised that I had selected over 80 before deciding which one to submit. To be honest, it was a hard choice. Over the next few days I plan to share some of these images. Even though I share three photos on my email version of Photo of the Day, I usually upload 5 or more to my Blog each day and will continue to do so for the duration of this series. Feel free to check them.

The tiny individual strands of the feathered structure of the parachutes on dandelion seeds made and interesting image and there are certainly over 200 in the first image. By the way, while working outside yesterday I saw several dandelion flowers in bloom - a little unusual for this time of the year.
The stacked roof tiles were on a house under construction in Bell Villa in Citrus Park Florida. I liked the shapes and textures in this image.

I was very tempted to enter the silhouette of palm fronds as the sun rose in the background, but decided against it even though I really liked it. I was looking for a subject that would be different - something that most people don't see and would catch their attention. In retrospect, since the one I submitted came in 5th or 6th, maybe this one would have done better.

There are definitely more than 200 dandelions in the yellow field located in Chapel's Cove Conception Bay! The white flowers of the chuckley pear was taken in my yard a couple of years ago.. I liked the contrast betwwen the white flowers and blue sky in this composition.

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