Friday, October 29, 2010

200 - 2

All photos I selected for the 200 theme are ordinary things that most of us see but don't bother to photograph. As well, they illustrate the theme to my Photo of the Day. I've been sharing photos nearly every day since January 2003 and uploaded nearly 1500 postings since starting my Photo of the Day Blog in 2006. Over the years I have received thousands of comments on the photos I share, and many of you say that the photos make you look at the world differently.

The first photo today shows a clump of grasses growing along one of the trails I hike. I liked the interesting lighting in this image and, though I didn't count them, I'm pretty sure there are 200 blades of grass. Imagine the number of blades of grass in a lawn!.

The second image was taken in an old grocery store in Hearts Content, Trinity Bay. I was taking a photo of the outside of this building when the owner invited me inside to make a few images. There are definitely 200 items on the shelves. I don't see many stores like that these days and the last time I drove through the town it looked like this store was closed.

Even though I don't normally shoot weddings, when my son's friends were getting married, I made over 100 photos of the church service. I didn't count them all, but there are probably 200 people in the church.

I photographed the strings of shells because I liked the shapes and textures. The weathered shingles on an old building also fit the theme.

Yesterday, seventeen of you responded to my facebook query and the results were: YES - 12, NO - 5. I will wait a few more days to see if any more respond before deciding if I will upload the 80+ photos on this theme.

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