Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Blue and Green

A while back a person on this list recommended I enter a photo in a Facebook Group - Photography Contest * New and Improved * (see link below) and I have entered a few times. This week the theme is Blue and Green. When I started looking for photos that fit the theme, I thought I would find a lot, but, believe it or not, I was only able to find fifteen, and a few of them are questionable. Since only one photo can be entered, over the next three days I will share the others I chose on this theme.

The contest is open for submissions from Monday to Wednesday and for voting from Thursday to Sunday. They are strict about these rules and will deduct points from the photographer if people vote before voting opens on Thursday. Some of you may be interested in submitting photos or at least having a look at the photos submitted for this, and future themes. If you are interested in having a look, feel free to check the link below. . In order to submit photos or vote, you need to be added to the group.

The first photo is a reflection in a pond located on the Viking Trail a few miles before you enter Gros Morne National Park. I have passed this location many times and always thought it would be great to see a moose wading in the water, but I was never lucky enough to see one there.

The second photo was taken in Gros Morne not too far from Lomond campgrounds. I used this photo as the introductory photograph for Think Green, a project I started at Mary Queen of Peace five years ago.

The third and fourth images were scanned from slides, but I am not sure where the photos were taken. Chances are that these building no longer exist. The statue of the caribou is located in Bowring Park and the photo was taken in 1981. I photographed it again a few years ago and there was no green on the statue.

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