Thursday, October 14, 2010


Thankfully we don't have to contend with dinosaurs as we hike through the forests in the modern world, but 65+ million years ago, it would have been a different story. The Prehistoric Park at the Calgary Zoo shows Western Canada as it looked during the Age of the Dinosaurs. It is too bad my camera doesn't shoot video because the life-sized dinosaurs in this park move, make sounds and are realistic looking to say the least.

The first photo shows the protoceratops, which is similar to one of the iguanas I shared yesterday. This dinosaur grew to be 8 feet long and weighed around 900 pounds. The other photos show a couple of tyrannosaurus rex and at a height of 43 feet and weighing over 20 000 pounds, it would be a bad animal to walk into while hiking! Just look at those 6 inch teeth!

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