Saturday, October 30, 2010

200 - 3

Several of you have let me know that you are enjoying this theme which will continue for a few more days. The photo of the grocery store I shared yesterday brought back memories to several people and one person informed me where I could find a very similar store that is still in operation today.

Only one more person has let me know that he/she is on facebook so I probably won't bother to upload the 80+ photos I chose for this theme. I haven't counted the objects shown in today's photos since I didn't enter them in the contest, but I estimate that there are at least 200 in each.

The strands of wool on a loom at L'anse aux Meadows made an interesting and colourful image. The daisies grow wild around my yard and yesterday I noticed that a bunch of them had bloomed (not this photo). I guess 3 or 4 warm days (16°C) (61°F) tricked a few plants because I also saw a few dandelions blooming as well. There are quite a few interesting decorations on an old dress in a museum that I visited in Bear River, Nova Scotia. It is hard to tell, but it looks like 200 parts to the rose and leaves and berries in the last photo.

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