Friday, December 05, 2014

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Not only do humans fish in the waters off Lover's Key Beach but a large Great Blue Heron was waiting patiently next to a fisherman.  I watched it for a while before deciding to make photos and noticed that it got excited when the fisherman got a bite.  I spoke to another fisherman nearby, and he said that the blue heron had been there for a few hours and people who caught fish were sharing.  I guess that's why it hung around so long.

Most great blue herons that I have tried to photograph have been skittish and flew away.  If I am very still I can get close enough to get decent images.  However, I was able to walk very close to this individual and it didn't seem to mind me a bit.  I guess it is used to people because Lover's Key is a very busy beach.

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William F Matthews said...

Great close up of the Blue Heron. Lucky to find a tame one, too.

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