Monday, December 08, 2014

Winter 2

Winter 2

This morning I chose 10 images of Winter which are a combination of digital images and slides.
I know from comments that some of you HATE winter and others LOVE winter.  I assume some of you are in between.  Here in Newfoundland, we usually have snow from November/December to March/April - that's 4-6 months.  That would be a very long time for anyone who is in the HATE Winter Category.  My advice is to dress warm, get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Here in Holyrood we don't have any snow on the ground and we have had several "green" Christmases since moving here 32 years ago.  I remember wearing a T-shirt while barbecuing a few days after Christmas at least once.  There have been years that we didn't have much snow at all.  Of course there were others when we had snow on the ground for six months.

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