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On March 5, 2014 a group of friends and acquaintances rented a pontoon boat for the afternoon and explored the Back Bay area of Bonita Springs.  To be honest, we have done this nearly every time I have visited Florida and I enjoy it every time.  I enjoy photographing the boats, birds, people and dolphins.

While seeing dolphins is not as dramatic as seeing whales, it is exciting none-the-less. I've seen and photographed many dolphins in this area of Southwest Florida but all of today's photos were taken this year.

In one photo you will see a fish in the air as the dolphin was diving.  I noticed the dolphin throwing the fish into the air, then diving under the water to catch it again.  It did this several times and I was lucky to capture an image with the fish in mid-air.

The dolphins appeared to be curious about us and swam close to the boat.

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