Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Houses and Outbuildings 3

Houses and Outbuildings 3

December 15, 2014 had a foggy start to the day and as I drove through the Town of Holyrood I stopped to make a few photos of houses as the sun started to burn off the fog.

The first house is probably one of the older homes in the community and I have taken so many photos of it over the years that I could probably devote a gallery to it. The third house stood out because it looked so bright through the dissipating fog.

Later that morning the fog lifted entirely and I decided to drive to the Placentia/Argentia area of the Avalon Peninsula.  It was sunny all the way until I reached the town of Dunville.  By the time I got to the location of the abandoned US military base the fog was so thick that I could hardly see a thing.  It was the same in Jerseyside and Placentia.  The fog seemed to lift as I drove back through Dunville so I decided to check Fox Harbour and Ship Cove, but Fox Harbour was also foggy so I turned around and headed back towards the TCH.

There were three houses in Fox Harbour that caught my attention so I made photos of them through the fog.  As you can see a couple of them are in bad shape.  I photographed them because they may not be there next time I head down that way.

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