Sunday, December 07, 2014


Same cabin - different years


As promised, today I am starting a new Winter/Christmas Series.  The images have been taken over the years and are a combination of slide film and digital images.

From what I hear, many people hate and detest winter with a passion, however, since we live in a northern climate, we have to put up with it.  Personally, I have always liked to get outside in winter and, as long as I am dressed for it, enjoy the experience.  I enjoy snowshoeing through the woods to the hills behind my property and have many photos taken during long winter walks.  No matter how cold it is outside, I don't get cold as long as I am active.

I photographed icicles through an open second story window and liked the lighting in the first image.  The cabin, all but buried by snow, is located on the Witless Bay Line.  I have photographed this cabin several times during winter and this happens just about every year.  I've included another image from a different year on my Blog this morning.  I liked the red "dogberries" (mountain ash) covered with fresh snow against a deep blue sky and made several photos.

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