Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Thanks again to all of you who sent positive feedback regarding the series of Reflection photos I shared over the past few days. I'll revisit that theme again from time to time.

On the weekend we had the first real snowfall so far this winter. I wanted to show you what it is like when I walk out my door. It is raining outside right now (6:00 AM) so much of the snow has melted already, but I am sure we'll get more before Spring!!! :)

The first photo was taken facing east, looking towards the front of the house. You can see a car parked near the house. I built the driveway with a pick, shovel, rake and wheelbarrow. I estimate that I moved 150-200 wheelbarrow loads of gravel and rock in order to accomplish that task. I am not sure if I'll be able to park up there for the entire winter, but we'll see. :)

On Sunday, I walked all around the house making photographs and the second was taken looking back toward the west, the opposite of the first image. You can see that the land is much more level and there are more trees in the back. I literally walk into the forest when I step off my back steps!

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bearkat said...

That looks so serene and idyllic!!!! :)

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