Thursday, January 15, 2009


Since moving to the Avalon Peninsula in 1981, I have visited the Cape Pine area to photograph caribou many times and, until recently, I have always seen many of them. On my last trip, however, there was not one caribou to be seen. It is amazing how fast the herd of nearly 6 000 animals could be decimated.

Today's images show a lone caribou standing on the barren landscape. The closer view forces you to observe the caribou. You may notice it's colours or antlers. You may wonder if it is a male or female.

The wider view allows a broader reaction. You will see the caribou more as a part of it's environment. You may wonder if there are other caribou nearby or if the plant life there is good for the caribou to eat.

You probably have many other observations and questions that I haven't mentioned. Either way, you will react differently to each image, even though the subjects are the same.

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