Saturday, January 03, 2009

Reflections - Witless Bay Line

Continuing with the theme Reflections, I am sharing 3 photos taken on the Salmonier Line. All three photos show how a view of the same rocks changed as I walked along the road.

The first shows the rocks centered in the frame. If you analyze the image using the Rule of Thirds you will notice that the largest rock is in the bottom 1/3 and the edge of the lake is in the top 1/3. The fall colours of the nearly treeless landscape balance the similar colours in the rocks.

By moving just a little and zooming in on the rocks, the image is totally different. When I look at this photo I wonder why I didn't include more of the reflection on the bottom. There was probably another rock nearby that I didn't want to include in the image.

The third image shows two of the rocks with a cabin and shed in the background. The human element adds a little more interest to the scene. As well, the presence of the cabin informs the viewer that the location is probably near a road of some sort.

Many of you enjoyed the abstract photos of the pond and sent positive comments about them. One person thought Reflections was an appropriate theme because it is a time of the year when we think of as a time of reflection. I hadn't thought of it when I chose the theme, but the person is right.

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