Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter Wonderland 2

Today I am sharing three more Winter photos even though several of you hate snow!! :)

The first was taken out back looking away from my house. You can see the large bog that will become my snowshoe trail after we get a little more snow. I have photographed many moose on this bog over the past 26 years.

Even if you hate Winter, you may have to admit that the freshly fallen snow on the branches of trees in the second photo is "pretty". :)

The third image shows the little brook behind my house. You can see that it continues to flow even though it has snowed and it has been fairly cool. Even when a layer of ice forms, the water continues to flow for most of the Winter.

Of course, I'll share more Winter photos throughout the season. :)

1 comment:

bearkat said...

Yes, it is pretty but right about now, most of us in Calgary are saying...."snow, snow go away, come again another day!!" :)

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