Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today's photos of snow on firewood are quite a contrast to the warm waters of Bonita Bay, Florida and I know a few of you who won't be happy to see images of snow. However, yesterday I walked around the yard making photos and enjoyed it tremendously. Even though it was 0°C (32°F) and sunny, I didn't find it cold because I was dressed warmly.

Many people that I know hate winter and I feel a little sorry for them because we have it for at least 4 months in this area of the world. I actually enjoy getting out in the snow and especially like snowshoeing. To be honest, I also enjoy clearing my 250' driveway with a scoop. While pushing snow is a mindless activity, it is a good workout!!

The wood piled up in my yard came from several dead trees that my brother-in-law cut earlier this fall. My job was to burn the branches and pile the wood after it was cut. We estimated that there are approximately 2 cords of wood which he will burn this winter.

We cleared our land 3 winters ago and have been living in our house for 2 years. Several trees died during that time - the trauma to the land and roots of trees during the clearing and construction phases were probably too much them and, since a few were close to the house, it was necessary to cut them down.

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bearkat said...

0 would feel balmy out west! We have had abnormally cold temps ranging from -27 to -35 with windchills.
Really enjoyed the Twillingate series, the totem poles and everything else in between!
It is very interesting reading your comments as well.
Thanks and may you have a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010.


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