Saturday, December 12, 2009

Florida Boats

The same day that I took the photos of the loggerhead shrike, a few couples planned to rent a pontoon boat and spend an afternoon on Bonita Bay. I always look forward to these trips because the weather is always fantastic and we spend the day with friends. Typically, we spend time on the water, then go to one of the many beaches in the area to have lunch. Other than boats and seabirds, I also get an opportunity to walk along the beach with camera in hand. We usually rent a pontoon boat from 12-5 and that day I managed to take around 600 photos throughout the afternoon.

Today I am sharing photos of a variety of pontoon boats which can be rented in the Bonita Springs area. The first one is identical to the one we rented that day. You can see that there are 12 or 13 people on board. That day there were 6 of us on our boat. The canopy is necessary because the hot sun would burn you without shade.

The second photo shows a larger and the third shows a smaller version of pontoon boats and the last shows one heading out into the Gulf of Mexico. The company we rented from does not allow their boats to go into the gulf probably because these boats aren't made for rougher water. You can see that there aren't any other boats out there, whereas there were LOTS closer to shore.

Even though I have been on these types of trips several times and I have taken photos of nearly every boat I saw, I haven't shared them on line. If you are looking for photographs of boats in Florida, feel free to let me know, and I can provide additional images.

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