Sunday, December 13, 2009

Florida Boats 2

Yesterday I shared photos of pontoon boats which were common in Bonita Bay any time I have been there. This morning I am sharing images of smaller boats taken on the same trip.

The first boat, though fairly small, has a large engine and you can see that it is speeding by quite quickly. In fact, the older gentleman near the back is holding on to his hat in order to keep it from blowing away. The small, but very fast, green boat passed by us a few times. I was surprised that the two men were so close to the noisy engine. The last boat is also fairly small, but crowded. The canopy will help protect a couple of them from the sun. The other photos show larger pleasure craft.

I noticed that everyone passing by, despite the size or type of boat, were enjoying their "day on the bay". Of course, why wouldn't they - the hot sun, blue sky, warm water, and white beaches are enough to make anyone happy, especially if they were like me; it was the first time I had summer clothing on for 7 months and I was loving it!!

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