Saturday, December 05, 2009

Twillingate 9 - Doors and Windows

There are several people on this list who really enjoy my photographs of Windows and Doors. Once, a person asked what makes an window or door interesting enough to take a picture of it. As you can probably guess, I said that they are all interesting but, since I don't photograph them all, I must find some more interesting than others. I will attempt to tell you what I found interesting about today's images.

I liked the red door of an outhouse that was located on the edge of a fishing stage. I zoomed in tight to emphasize the red door and siding with white trim. . As well I found it interesting that someone had put a padlock on the door and replaced three pieces of red siding with three white boards. I've uploaded another view of the outhouse to my Blog today.

The lack of colour along with the moose antlers attracted my attention, and I stopped to make this image. It was difficult to make because when I composed the photo to be parallel with the siding, the edge of the building wasn't perpendicular. If I lined up the image with the edge of the building, the siding and door looked like it was askew. I chose to keep the siding parallel and the third image is the result. I also liked the greenish paint that was peeling of a set of very different doors.

The window was "old-fashioned" with a storm window attached to the window frame. The lacy curtains with a valence along the top and another set that covered only the bottom half of the window used to be very common years ago, but I don't notice them as often these days. I also liked the little figurines and flower vase on the window ledges.

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