Saturday, December 19, 2009


This morning's photos of a sunset were taken in mid-October 2003 in Holyrood. While I don't photograph all sunsets and sunrises, when I see interesting cloud formations as they are coloured by the sunlight, I make an effort to capture the scene.

Sunset and sunrise photos give viewers a feeling of peace and quiet and, if you enjoy this type of image I recommend visiting my Blog and searching for sunsets or sunrises. There are also a couple of short videos that I have created on this topic - Photo of the Day Blog.

The first three photos have been manipulated using the Auto Contrast (Basic Fixes) tool in Picasa 3. While Picasa is not as powerful as other programs such as PhotoShop or PhotoPaint, there are tools there that I use often. If you haven't been using Picasa yet, I highly recommend it (available FREE from Google). I use it for the Basic Fixes, Effects and for finding photos in my collection.

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