Monday, December 14, 2009

Florida Boats 3

This is the last of the Florida Boats series for a while. Today's images show the smallest water craft that I saw during my "day on the bay" in 2007.

I was able to zoom fairly close to the lady that was kayaking in Bonita Bay. She didn't know I was photographing her as she headed out towards the busy part of the bay. While I always thought it would be neat to kayak, I know I would be worried about my camera gear. I would need a smaller, waterproof camera if I were in this type of boat.

A small colourful sailboat with two people on board was heading out towards the open water of the Gulf of Mexico and a seadoo with two women whizzed past us, but not before I was able to capture a few images. As I said yesterday, everyone I photographed that day were enjoying themselves.

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