Sunday, March 01, 2009


Once when driving through Gros Morne National Park with a friend, we saw several moose and I stopped to photograph each one. I explained that I always stop to photograph wildlife and that I didn't remember ever passing a moose without stopping, especially if I had a camera with me.

I have gotten pretty close to some of these large animals. During the hundreds of hikes I have taken through the forest around Holyrood and elsewhere, I have only seen moose a few times. Once last year I nearly walked into a mother and young calf that were resting just off the trail. I scared them and they ran away! The mother stopped for a few seconds to check me out, but continued to run away and keep her calf safe. To be honest, the incident startled me because they were so close.

As I mentioned yesterday, the moose in Gros Morne are more used to people and it is fairly easy to get close enough to capture a good photograph. I included a person in the first photo to illustrate how close you can get to the moose in the park.

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