Saturday, March 28, 2009

Salmon Fisherman

Yesterdays photos were among the first I photographed on the Kittiwake Coast - Road to the Shore, also known as "the Loop" which goes from Gambo to Gander through many historic and scenic communities. I plan to share more photos from this trip over the next few days.

I saw a salmon fisherman standing in a river and stopped to make a few photographs. The three views of the fisherman will give you an idea why taking more than one photo of the same subject is a good idea. The three photos were taken seconds apart. I chose to include the rocky shore and shrubs on the opposite side of the river. I zoomed in to make an image of the fisherman in the water with no other details. When he stood on a rock, I decided to shoot a landscape (horizontal) photo. The last photo shows the river so you can get an idea of its width.

I made each of the photos from a bridge and the guy was not aware he was being photographed.

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