Sunday, March 29, 2009


Dover is a picturesque community located in Bonavista Bay. The photos I am sharing today were taken from the top of a lookout that provides an opportunity to view the community and ocean. The first two photos show wide views from two different directions.

The third shows a piece of wreckage from a plane crash that occurred there on January 2, 1942. An RCAF B-18 bomber had taken off from Gander and experienced engine problems, dropped their bombs in the ocean and crashed near the shore. The 6 crew members survived the crash but were freezing from the icy water when rescuers arrived from the town. I got this information from an informational sign at the site.

I have probably mentioned this before, but I'll reiterate it again today. When I am photographing an area, I photograph all informational signs so I will be able to read them again later. Sometimes I am in a hurry and do not have time to read all signs, so the photos give me an opportunity to review the information when I need it.

The fourth photo shows a large glacial boulder (also called an erratic) that was near the trail to the lookout. The fifth photo shows my brother walking the excellent walking trail.


Anonymous said...

nice pics of my home! thank you

Anonymous said...

home sick newfie from dover! thanks for the pics


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