Friday, March 27, 2009

Wooden Sculptures

I photographed the Logger's Memorial Park in Gambo, Bonavista Bay in early July, 2006 and am sharing 3 images with you this morning.

The first photo shows a stylized representation of a sawmill and the location of the sculptures. The second and third photos are closer views that show loggers at work. I have uploaded two additional photos of the logger with an axe to my Blog - Photo of the Day Blog.- and you can see three different views of the same sculpture.

I found it interesting that the designers decided to use wooden sculptures to represent an occupation that involved cutting trees. Having grown up in Grand Falls, where there was a paper mill, I can relate to the logging industry.

As a young boy, I often played near the river with friends and we spent hours throwing logs that had drifted onto banks of the Exploits River back into the water. I never worked as a logger, but I have much respect for the hard work they did using the basic tools. No chain saws or big machinery to help them - just hard work!

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bearkat said...

Interesting! Was nice to read your comments as well. Have a good weekend Bruce

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