Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hawke Hills 2

As promised, today I am sharing images of Hawke Hills Ecological Reserve near Holyrood. The weather was sunny with fog that used to roll in and, just as quickly, disappear again. I kept in mind warnings about becoming disoriented in the fog so I walked on the trails.

Even though the area is quite barren looking there are many small plants living in the harsh climate. In fact this area has been called the most easterly alpine barrens in North America and the plant life is representative of this type of landscape.

The first photo shows a power line that was barely visible through the approaching fog. The trail is quite visible in the second photo. In the last two photos the small clump of trees stands out and can be used as a reference point as long as the fog doesn't get too thick.

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bearkat said...

Bruce, I have enjoyed these photos from the last 2 days. I know I wa always amazed at how some of the plants and flowers grew in the higher altitudes in the mountains especially where it was rocky like this! One just has to marvel at Mother Nature!:):)


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